Leader of the Week

One of my favorite ways to incorporate leadership into my classroom is through the Leader of the Week. Each week a different student is chosen to be the Leader of the Week.

One of the main perks is that they get to sit at the Leader of the Week desk. I made this desk special with a few decorations, a special stool, a sign, and all sorts of fun writing utensils. You can pick up the cute frame at Ikea. While you can use any 4×6 frame, I love that this one is on a stand and is 2 sided. I love the price, too!

Another perk of being the Leader of the Week is that they get to line up behind the line leader in line. You wouldn’t believe how excited they get about this! You can come up with many other ways to make the reward enticing to your students!

I choose a student each week based on their behavior the previous week. Students can only be the Leader of the Week once until everyone has had the opportunity. Once everyone has had the chance, I start over. This can easily be adapted to whatever you use in your classroom (clip chart, class dojo, etc.) My kiddos get so excited on Fridays when I announce who the new Leader of the Week will be for the following week!

You can find my Leader of the Week sign here for free!

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