Classbook Publishing

Recently I came across several teachers sharing online about Studentreasures Publishing. At first it almost seemed too good to be true! After reading about the positive experiences from multiple other teachers, I decided to give it a try!

The Classbook Program provides everything you need to publish your students’ work, free of charge! There really are no gimmicks. They just ask that you provide the opportunity for parents to purchase copies of the book if they choose. As a teacher you will receive one free copy of the book for your class!

I ordered our kit in the fall, but I decided to wait until the spring to actually publish our writing after my kids had more time to develop their writing skills. I was easily able to change my publishing date online. The kit has everything clearly laid out for you. Once you are finished, you return everything with the prepaid shipping label. Our published books arrived in less than 2 weeks!

I can’t begin to tell you how exciting it was for the kids to see their writing in a published book! The lightbulbs went off and the whole writing process finally made sense to them once they saw their published writing!

This is definitely something I will plan to do every year!

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