Drop Everything and Lead!

As I’ve mentioned before, I teach at a Leader in Me Lighthouse campus. I’m sure you’ve heard of DEAR time, Drop Everything and Read, but we have DEAL time, Drop Everything and Lead!

DEAL time is built into our schedule each day. We have 15-20 minutes to just focus on leadership in our classroom. I absolutely love having that set aside time carved out in my day to be able to focus on leadership.

DEAL time doesn’t necessarily look the same every day in my class. So let me share with you a few of the things you might see if you were to come in during this time.

First off, we use this time to recite the 7 Habits and our class mission statement. It’s important to me that we recite that every day so that my kiddos not only have it memorized but also internalized. We write our mission statement together at the beginning of the year, so it has meaning and purpose to the kids. I’ve been known to start calling out parts of our mission statement throughout the day when we need a reminder of why we are here and how we interact with one another.

We also use this time to update our Leadership notebooks and work with accountability partners. (This is a whole other post…I’ll be sharing more about this soon!)

Of course this is a great time to direct teach the 7 Habits. This is something I really focus on the first few weeks of school. While most of our kiddos have been at our campus before, there’s always a few new students who have never been exposed to the 7 Habits.  Even our returning students benefit from having the 7 Habits explicitly taught and explained.  This way you know that all of your students are on a level playing field with their understanding as you get rolling with the year.

The last piece I want to share with you is using a quote to teach leadership. You might choose to have a different quote each week or even every day. Some days you might just use the quote as a discussion starter. Other days you might have students respond to the quote by writing or drawing. One resource is this amazing book! 365 Days of Wonder, by R.J. Palacio, the author of Wonder, is an incredible source of quotes.

If you would like to get started using quotes in your classroom right away, guess what!?! I have a FREEBIE for you! Be sure to check it out in my TPT store!




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